sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

A lot of time...so much things!

Well...It past a lot of time without write here... But, I'm alive! hahaha xD
Ok, I want to write about somethings that I done in this time...and about the things that I'm thinking to do.

For example, i'm into a diferents culbs of fans of bands of japanese music. Like, The GazettE, LM.C, An Cafe, Screw,...

And, I'm participating in a differents projects for motivate to this bands to come to Spain. I'm very exited!
Ok, In the fan club of LM.C (group that, this year do a Europe Tour and don't come to Spain...) had make a four differents projects. The first: collect sings, the second: do a video of fans saying: "Spain needs LM.C", the tird: make a video singing a frase of the song: "World is a Wonderful Wonderworldl" and the final project is do a "Scrampbook" this is a "book" with letters, drawings, songs,...make from the fans to they!

I think that do this things it's so fun! And... help to meet the people who's fan of the same bands of you!

Well...I leave you a video of they new single "Ah Hah" ! I hope you like it! (^v^)/

Ok, another group that i participate to do a project is "Screw"! Yeah! This band come to Spain the next 3 of June! In Barcelona in the "Music Hall". I'm too exited!
The Fan club of this band it's doing a "Scrampbook" too!

The next week when I finished to do my exams, I will start to do a drawings and write a letter for they! (For two groups: LM.C and Screw)

Well, now I leave you images of two bands! I really love their music and their styles!

 <<Screw (*O*)

 <<LM.C! (>w<)

Mmm...Oh! I almos forget! The Last week I went to the event "Japan Weekend" And It was really fun! and I could met with a lot of people that I only know by facebook and who's wanted to know me in person! Here, a photo of me with the friend that went with me! 

Oh! Yeah! Other thing that I want to say! I cut my hair! (again! (>w<) ) And, this time I cut similar like a hair of Uruha! (Guitarrist of The GazettE) I really love him! And I really love his hair!

Well...I know that It's not exactly like him...but i really love it!! (>w<) <3

This is all, for now! 

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