sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

A lot of time...so much things!

Well...It past a lot of time without write here... But, I'm alive! hahaha xD
Ok, I want to write about somethings that I done in this time...and about the things that I'm thinking to do.

For example, i'm into a diferents culbs of fans of bands of japanese music. Like, The GazettE, LM.C, An Cafe, Screw,...

And, I'm participating in a differents projects for motivate to this bands to come to Spain. I'm very exited!
Ok, In the fan club of LM.C (group that, this year do a Europe Tour and don't come to Spain...) had make a four differents projects. The first: collect sings, the second: do a video of fans saying: "Spain needs LM.C", the tird: make a video singing a frase of the song: "World is a Wonderful Wonderworldl" and the final project is do a "Scrampbook" this is a "book" with letters, drawings, songs,...make from the fans to they!

I think that do this things it's so fun! And... help to meet the people who's fan of the same bands of you!

Well...I leave you a video of they new single "Ah Hah" ! I hope you like it! (^v^)/

Ok, another group that i participate to do a project is "Screw"! Yeah! This band come to Spain the next 3 of June! In Barcelona in the "Music Hall". I'm too exited!
The Fan club of this band it's doing a "Scrampbook" too!

The next week when I finished to do my exams, I will start to do a drawings and write a letter for they! (For two groups: LM.C and Screw)

Well, now I leave you images of two bands! I really love their music and their styles!

 <<Screw (*O*)

 <<LM.C! (>w<)

Mmm...Oh! I almos forget! The Last week I went to the event "Japan Weekend" And It was really fun! and I could met with a lot of people that I only know by facebook and who's wanted to know me in person! Here, a photo of me with the friend that went with me! 

Oh! Yeah! Other thing that I want to say! I cut my hair! (again! (>w<) ) And, this time I cut similar like a hair of Uruha! (Guitarrist of The GazettE) I really love him! And I really love his hair!

Well...I know that It's not exactly like him...but i really love it!! (>w<) <3

This is all, for now! 

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

MangAnime: Full Metal Alchemist

Konnichiwa minna! (n_n) Well, after many days away ... take this opportunity to update ... (T_T) These days I've been busy and stressed out ... exams will not let me breath for a moment ... But hey, I'm not here to talk about my exams. Today I want to talk about another of my manga / anime 's favorites, Full Metal Alchemist! (鋼 の 錬金術 師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

Is a manga written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa. Fullmetal Alchemist is set in a world/ time fictional, named "steampunk", quite similar to the years after European Industrial Revolution. In this fictional universe, alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques known to the man.

The story focuses on brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who want to restore their bodies with the help of the philosopher's stone. After a failed attempt to resurrect their mother through the alchemy. For this reason Edward loses his left leg and Alphonse his body. In an effort to save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm to seal Alphonse's soul in an armor. After that, an alchemist named Roy Mustang visits to the Elric brothers.

Edward proposes to become a member of the armed forces of the state and thus find a way to recover their bodies. Then the left leg and right arm are replaced by Edward Automail.

I just love it ... is an anime that has everything from dramatic scenes to comic scenes, which sometimes made ​​me laugh out loud! xDD

For example in the scene where edward comes in a laboratory, and one of the halls and a big ball appears in the very moment the ball is about to catch it, he shrinks in a corner and get "escape" and says: "Luckily I'm small or if not I couldn't escape ... (think about what you said and then ...) Aaaaaaaahhhh! But what I'm saying? xDD realizing that he had taken as "virtue" of its small height / and size) LOL

What about the most dramatic scenes I can say? I have moved a lot and I really love Edward personajde simply is unique in every way! xDD

I also like the deep reflections on life and death that can be observed throughout history and the big value of friendship and family.
Is a manga / anime that I love and that I never get tired of reading / watching.
For all people who have not seen. I recommend you watch the anime or read the manga, in my opinion in the case I think that the manga is better, but I liked both FMA, although in the anime change some things ...

Finally, as a farewell leave yoou the "openings" of this anime! (^ ^)/


I hope you liked it! Now leave you some pictures!

See you soon!! ;)

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Korean Dorama: "You're Beautiful"

Hello everybody!! o(^▽^)o

Now, I want to speak about a "dorama" but, before speak about it. I need to have an aclaration: a dorama is a soap opera, or a Tv drama, but adapted to the japanesse and korean accent, this word is pronunciated: "dorama".

I want to speak about this, because, now i'm watching again. I really fall in love with the story. I cried, laughed, excited ... this story has made me feel very different things. Sometimes I felt frustrated by the accident that caused the protagonist,...but i like it a lot.

**Basic details/information:

- Original title: 미남 이시네요 / Minami Shiney
- English title: You're Beautiful
- Genre: Drama - Romantic Comedy
- Episodes: 16
- Opening Theme: Still As Ever Lee Hong Ki
- Closing Theme: Promise of A. N. JELL
- Related Drama: Ikemen Desu Ne (Japanese version)

Go Mi Nyu (Gemma as she is known in the convent) is a very innocent girl. She wants to be a nun, and who has always lived in a convent, where he always gets into trouble without meaning to. Go Mi Nyu has a twin brother named Go Mi Nam who's dream to be a singer to meet her mother, who were abandoned in an orphanage when his father died...

One day a man appears before Go My Nyu asking him to impersonate his brother (Go Mi Nam) while he was recovering from surgery, as it has been chosen to become the fourth member of A.N.JELL, the band more popular in Korea.

By joining the band, Go My Nyu struggle trying to keep hidden his true identity: a girl. This is difficult because they have to live with the other 3 members of A.N.JELL, (which are men)Hwang Tae Kyung (singer),Kang Shin Woo (Guitarrist) and Jeremy/Kang On Yu (drummer).

The first night he spends with the band, Kang Shin Woo (Guitarrist) realizes that "Go My Nam" is a woman, and begins to fall in love for her and help her without her noticing. Also he knows his secret but he hidden that he know it.

Other of the members from the band, Jeremy , without know that she is a woman fall in love for her, so it is scary because thinks that he's gay, but later he discovers that she's a woman.

I really love Jeremym. He's soooo cute!! o(>w<)o Is like a children, so tender... (OwO) <3 And...he have a dog that he named "Angelina Jolie" xD This make me laught! It's very fun when he call to the dog: "Angelina, come here!" or "Come here Jolie!" LOL

On the other hand, Hwang Kyung Tae, the leader of A.N.JELL, is very hard and unkind to Go My Nam, and yet against all odds, these two young men begin to fall in love.

I really love it!! And i recoment to all of people that love romantic and fun stories!! (^ ^)

Well...this is all for now!

See you soon!!

Playing to adictive videogames...xD

Hi! Konnichiwa!! (^w^)/

Well...I have some time without write in the blog! I don't know exactly about what to speak. ¿About the "Salon del manga"? ¿Video Games? ¿about the japanesse or korean music groups/singers that i listen ¿Anime and manga? ¿Or about my random things?

I Think that, today i go to speak about some of video games that i played. Like..."Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep" Is one of my favorite games with "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" The two games are for the PSP and are RPG games. I mean, you follow a story with a determined end. The two games have been publicated by SquareEnix.

In the two cases, these games have a lot of parts and diferent but paralel histories.
But, i go to explain you the part of the stories that occurs in this concrete game.

The game is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts, as its events occurred 10 years earlier, adding things that ever made and explanations given earlier in the story. The game focuses on the lives of three characters:Aqua, Ventus and Terra (the characters of the picture in order) in pursuit of their lost Master Xehanort.

The three protagonists are a group of friends and apprentices to masters of the Keyblade, taught by Master Eraqus.

As usual, Disney characters take part in the plot, especially King Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Other Disney characters appear in their respective worlds.-In the story you need to travel to diferents worlds that, are of stories of disney, like The Cinderella- Some characters occasionally help the protagonist, as Stitch and Mickey, but they will not follow the worlds, but it will go through an invocation called D-LINK. Only two characters appear of Final Fantasy: Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII and Moguris.

Now, I go to explain the game of "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" The game is a prequel too. This leave to us to get into deeply in the story of Zack Fair and Cloud.

Of the characters from KH, the most i like i think that is Ventus. And from FFVII:CC...is so dificult to me choose one, i really love Zack Fair and Cloud!! o(>w<)o

Finally...I really love these games and if you love to play and you want to live a beautiful experience...i recomend you to play these games! (^ ^)

See you soon!!

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Starting a new blog!

Konnichiwa to everybody!
Well, i want to present me. I'm Melani, a tipical girl of 17 years old. Or...at least this is it i think. ^^'

In this blog, i go to speak about a lot of random things. Like...music, videogames, anime and mangas that i saw and read. I think that this blog can be interesting for persons who likes the same things that me, or maybe not...

Well...i hope that i can fun with the blog. I apologize in advance for my english mistakes! xDD

More about me:

I love manga / anime, I love Japanese culture, food, and everything related to Japan.
Since childhood I have always loved the anime and manga ... and i drawing from small ... or at least I try it ...^^'
I also play guitar and compose songs ... I love writing, whether poetry, songs or stories of any kind, I just love. I also love reading novels,theatre, fanfictions (histories in internet about characters, singers,...or somebody who's your are fan, these histories are written by fans for fans)
I am currently a "cosplayer" beginner, who is making his first cosplay. I dream to one day travel to Japan. ^^

This is all at the moment!

see you soon!