miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Starting a new blog!

Konnichiwa to everybody!
Well, i want to present me. I'm Melani, a tipical girl of 17 years old. Or...at least this is it i think. ^^'

In this blog, i go to speak about a lot of random things. Like...music, videogames, anime and mangas that i saw and read. I think that this blog can be interesting for persons who likes the same things that me, or maybe not...

Well...i hope that i can fun with the blog. I apologize in advance for my english mistakes! xDD

More about me:

I love manga / anime, I love Japanese culture, food, and everything related to Japan.
Since childhood I have always loved the anime and manga ... and i drawing from small ... or at least I try it ...^^'
I also play guitar and compose songs ... I love writing, whether poetry, songs or stories of any kind, I just love. I also love reading novels,theatre, fanfictions (histories in internet about characters, singers,...or somebody who's your are fan, these histories are written by fans for fans)
I am currently a "cosplayer" beginner, who is making his first cosplay. I dream to one day travel to Japan. ^^

This is all at the moment!

see you soon!

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  1. Good start!! Maybe one day you will be able to travel to Japan... it's good to follow your dreams...