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Playing to adictive videogames...xD

Hi! Konnichiwa!! (^w^)/

Well...I have some time without write in the blog! I don't know exactly about what to speak. ¿About the "Salon del manga"? ¿Video Games? ¿about the japanesse or korean music groups/singers that i listen ¿Anime and manga? ¿Or about my random things?

I Think that, today i go to speak about some of video games that i played. Like..."Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep" Is one of my favorite games with "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" The two games are for the PSP and are RPG games. I mean, you follow a story with a determined end. The two games have been publicated by SquareEnix.

In the two cases, these games have a lot of parts and diferent but paralel histories.
But, i go to explain you the part of the stories that occurs in this concrete game.

The game is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts, as its events occurred 10 years earlier, adding things that ever made and explanations given earlier in the story. The game focuses on the lives of three characters:Aqua, Ventus and Terra (the characters of the picture in order) in pursuit of their lost Master Xehanort.

The three protagonists are a group of friends and apprentices to masters of the Keyblade, taught by Master Eraqus.

As usual, Disney characters take part in the plot, especially King Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Other Disney characters appear in their respective worlds.-In the story you need to travel to diferents worlds that, are of stories of disney, like The Cinderella- Some characters occasionally help the protagonist, as Stitch and Mickey, but they will not follow the worlds, but it will go through an invocation called D-LINK. Only two characters appear of Final Fantasy: Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII and Moguris.

Now, I go to explain the game of "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core" The game is a prequel too. This leave to us to get into deeply in the story of Zack Fair and Cloud.

Of the characters from KH, the most i like i think that is Ventus. And from FFVII:CC...is so dificult to me choose one, i really love Zack Fair and Cloud!! o(>w<)o

Finally...I really love these games and if you love to play and you want to live a beautiful experience...i recomend you to play these games! (^ ^)

See you soon!!

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